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Bbc 1 And Bbc 2 Not Working


To restore missing channels, you need to retune your digital receiver (box or TV).The retuning process runs a scan and finds all the available channels. It is possible this software, or similar browser add-ons and extensions, are affecting the appearance of BBC embedded video on your PC.I get a message on all video saying: "Sorry, this Also make sure the device you are tuning is connected direct to the aerial, not as part of a daisy chain. If other TVs are affected, it's more likely to be caused by work at your local transmitter(weak signal), or possibly the weather.There may be a glitch in the software, so try

DentdaleFreeview: BBC Digital TV Off Air from 10:58 on 09 Nov to 16:32 on 09 Nov. If you have lost your instruction manual a list of most manufacturers’ instruction manuals can found at: http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/howtoretune/retuning_instructionsor you can contact the manufacturer directly. Could something be interfering with your signal? Check your signal strength Many Freeview boxes and digital TV sets let you see an on-screen display of your signal strength. http://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/television/freeview/reception_problems.html

Bbc Not Working Today

Can anyone help me please? This will clear the memory and remove the unwanted, stored channels. Here's some advice on what to check for: 1. The aerial lead will then need to be put back in again and manually retune. *With both of these options you should then follow up with a manual retune.

Relay transmitter? gazmix 16:04 12 Dec 11 I tried what DigitalUk have said by unplugging the antenna from the wall & trying a 1st time installation, wiping the guide & then plugging the Worth checking your aerial is where it should be, and that the aerial cable has not been damaged. 7. Freeview Signal Problems 2016 Help appreciated.

However, many homes in the UK are covered by more than one transmitter. No Bbc Channels After Retune BridlingtonDAB: BBC National DAB Radio Off Air from 06:04 on 10 Nov to 06:09 on 10 Nov. The results will be displayed via the BBC managed RTIS website. http://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/ Sometimes manufacturers refer to this as 'first time installation' or 'shipping condition'.

Press ‘OK’ if your equipment asks whether it is OK to delete existing channels. Belmont Transmitter Problems If you live close to your TV transmitter, you might find that your Freeview box or TV is getting too much signal and this could be 'overloading' your receiver. Could your other TV kit be blocking your signal? CarnoFreeview: BBC Digital TV Off Air from 06:57 on 10 Nov to 06:59 on 10 Nov, HD Digital TV Off Air from 06:57 on 10 Nov to 06:59 on 10 Nov.

No Bbc Channels After Retune

Is your aerial good enough? https://www.avforums.com/threads/no-bbc1-or-bbc2-on-freeview.721480/ To test if there's a chance of this, try removing other equipment - making the connection as simple as possible. Bbc Not Working Today The results will be displayed via the BBC managed RTIS website. Can't Get Bbc On Freeview Make sure your aerial is in good condition and pointing towards the correct transmitter.

The results will be displayed via the BBC managed RTIS website. Start PointAM: Radio 5 Live Weak Signal from 10:36 on 12 Sep, Radio 5 Live Weak Signal from 11:35 on 09 Nov to 11:58 on 09 Nov, Radio 5 Live Weak gazmix 10:22 12 Dec 11 I've called digital uk & they say to try an install with no aerial plugged in to wipe the channel list & then do it again For our policy on how we propose to use this information, please click here Postcode Choose platform Freeview Radio on TV FM AM MW LW DAB Car Radio Useful linksFreeviewDigital Television Tv Transmitter Work

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. How to do a manual retune 1. LlangollenDAB: BBC National DAB Radio Off Air from 13:53 yesterday to 17:54 yesterday. This list does not include digital switchover works that are shown on the transmitter information page.Today's problems, 12-November 19:32TransmitterFreeview problem reportsArdintoulFreeview: BBC Digital TV Wrong Region from 01:09 today to 01:19

Go to LCN 101 for BBC One HD3. No Tv Signal Today First off, click on one of the following to describe your problem: Not getting all the Freeview channels? In this situation, it is not uncommon for signals from another transmitter to be picked up by the same aerial, even if it is not pointing at that transmitter.

Suddenly lost some or all of your Freeview channels?

The STB's make is Accoustic Solutions DV600B like this one:- http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/set-top-boxes/acoustic-solutions-dv600b.asp I will check back online tomorrow. It's worth retuning your digital box or TV every so often to make sure you're up to date.After retuning, if channels are still missing:There may be a glitch in the software, Do you notice a problem only when equipment such as your boiler or washing-machine is operating? Tv Aerial Problems No Signal The latest version can be installed via http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ Why is there no sound when streaming?If you have checked that your computer's sound settings are correct, there may be a problem with

See link in section above.I'm getting audio but no video, what can I do?If you are hearing audio but getting no video playback, try turning off hardware acceleration and refreshing the Search hereLatest NewsBBC DEVON DAB RETUNEListeners will need to re-tune between 8th November and 28th November to continue to receive Radio Devon Essential engineering affecting viewers and listeners in Newcastle, Sunderland Mobile and tablet users may notice that we have altered the navigation, replacing the black navigation bar with an 'All Sport' menu on the mobile Sport homepage. Freeview Interference?

Normally this is shown as picture break-up, pixelation or loss of sound, but it can cause you to lose channels if it's particularly bad Go through the steps on our "Freeview