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In the begining, before the screen is totaly black(not exactly black but with this shadow), sometimes suddently the light turned on until I switch off the laptop but next time again After replacing it, i noticed that the laptop works fine for few (2) seconds and then goes dim again. It may look strange, but a "solar" LCD backlight would probably work without much problem.How about using fiber optics to pipe the sunlight to LCD, or use other lighting source, just This will possibly exacerbate the hotspotting, so you could investigate using two bulbs at the back corners of the CRT housing rather than one... (ponders doing this with backlightless laptop and

Most repair centers will not replace the backlight lamp, they will swap the whole LCD screen. Thank you.

and this shows just how TERRIBLE CFL bulbs are - way **WAY** too much green.

Incandescent is the best.

you can buy "warm" cfl bulbs

This is so ghetto. It is important to understand that if your laptop power is on but you do not see anything on the screen, or the screen is extremely dim or has a red For mounting everything I drilled holes and used zip ... 4 Step 4: ResultsSee my project page for more pictures.http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/bchafy/monitor/crtlcd.htmlConclusion This LCD was saved from the trash.

Monitor Backlight Not Working

The inverter that supplies the power needs replacement 4. I made the appropriate connections, I re-assembled my LCD and everything worked fine!!!!!!!!!!! MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3) Posted on Jun 1, 2013 5:57 PM Reply I have this question too by Eustace Mendis,Apple recommended Eustace Mendis Level 7 (25,402 points) A:

walter owens October 1, 2008 | I have an HP ze 5700, the screen kept blinking and finally failed. I can't get anything to display at all on the new assembly. I talked to the Dell tech support and finally got the guy to tell me one of the tests to try. Dell Laptop Keyboard Backlight Not Working I've tried Pin Tick app and also obviously played around with everything possible in preferences to make it light up...nothing.

Do some laptops have the backlight as a component of the display assembly so your stuck buying the entire set?? Laptop Screen Backlight First inverter, then LCD and finally the video cable. I don't mean to be a spolisport, but... http://www.instructables.com/id/A-very-Simple-LCD-Backlight-Fix/ cj2600 May 13, 2009 | Jane, Is the inverter the same for a 15 or 17 inch lcd ?

Thanks for the help. Laptop Backlight Inverter On Sale Now 5 Answers Filter by: Most Helpful Newest Oldest Chosen Solution Dan @danj Rep: 179.6k Self employed contract worker 30 67 474 Posted: 08/05/2014 Options Permalink History Your system would that make an even light? Here's a simular question: Location of the WLED driver.

Laptop Screen Backlight

It's possible to replace the backlight lamp inside the screen but it's not easy. I've got an asus s5a 12.1″ laptop, and my backlight falls out when I tilt my screen to far backwards. Monitor Backlight Not Working Is It the Backlight? Dell Laptop Backlight Not Working Something else?

If the notepad seems dull or even beige instead of a bright white, there is a backlight problem. If the lamp inside the new screen is good, it should light up (I assume the inverter board is working fine). however, rather than just put in the old outdated one, is there another motherboard you reccommend that would fit inside the laptop?? Just trying to answer this part "is it possible to determine the reason?" of the question :-) 04/09/2014 by oldturkey03 Add a comment 0/1024 Cancel Post comment Are you sure you Laptop Backlight Repair Cost

Tammy September 3, 2009 | I am having trouble with my Toshiba laptop screen. I used switching ... 2 Step 2: Cutout back of LCD monitorFor the LCD monitor, cutout the back and remove the metal shields/ PCB's behind the panel, allowing light to pass Could that be the cause of my problems? And now if the light ever goes out, it's easy to change.

it doesnt seem to be the backlight since when it does lite up it looks as usuall. Lcd Backlight Failure Symptoms Anyways, try reseating cable connections first. Is it possible the one I bough online is faulty?

The lamp doesn't flicker and there is no buzzing noise.

After reading up on many websites, i figured i had inverter problem since my lcd was dim to the point where i couldnt see anything. So, in remembering what you taught was the purpose of the inverter board - that I believe is my prime suspect - because the screen went out completely without a long Just make sure it's called the iWin.You have yourself a deal. Dell Laptop Screen Backlight Not Working Also, you may try connecting LCD and inverter without mounting them inside the display panel case, maybe it's grounding somewhere and will work outside the case.

You may also get a quick flash of display on the LCD screen then goes off.In some cases your LCD screen will be black and have no display or backlight never Also, it's possible that you have something wrong with the motherboard but I doubt it because you have external video. The clue they are OK is the fact he can 'see' the desktop using a flashlight. It seems that the LED backlight isn't working anymore, because if you use a flashlight you can see everything on the internal screen.

Rebooting resolved the issue and the problem never resurfaced. –b1nary.atr0phy Jan 28 '15 at 17:53 add a comment| up vote 4 down vote If you can see a faint picture on Your suggestion to check the screen close switch - pure genius! Adrian August 30, 2009 | Your description of notebook backlight failure is exactly my problem. However, the flickering seems to have stopped and I can still connect with an external monitor.

Do I need to replace the lid closed plate, the backlight, screen, or is it possible I have damaged the new inverter by tapping on the plate too much? Could I just buy a new screen and all will be well or is it something else I need to look at thanks Answered! In my case the screen was making noise and it flickered as yours, but when the backlight was on, the white colors had reddish tone. If you know for sure that your problem is related to the backlight lamp and not to the inverter board, you can try replacing the backlight lamp.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M40 and the backlight acts strangely. Just one comment- the diffusers on LCD screens tend to be more diffusing in the middle and less diffusing at the edges right next to the backlights to even out the Joseph October 29, 2007 | Tonight my Thinkpad 600X had a unlit screen. mervyn Toby April 16, 2008 | it songs good so i am going to try it to see if it work on my dell laptop.

https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/ig... I also had a notch/tip at the edge of my laptop top missing with wire exposed so pay attention to keeping that straight. laptop monitor (hp 6715s) went dark. I am amazed at how much information you have on this site.

Weird situation, but that's how it is. Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. So just give me some expert information before i decide replace my LCD screen. You may want to also review the IFIXIT teardown for your system: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Teardown.

Check the video cable, make sure it's properly connected to the motherboard. I think it depends on the laptop model. Thanks, Mike cj2600 January 22, 2008 | Mike D, I purchased from ebay a new display/inverter/cable and it still is has a very faint image.