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Bbc On Roku Not Working


Elaine Mary McAllister I put a message on Samsung's Facebook page…can you do the same? The only solution to unblock American Netflix on your Roku would be to connect a secondary router to your main router and then configure DNS on that router instead. My daughters Nexus (identical model identical wi-fi connection shows all the programme times correctly. No worries… at least for the moment, there is a private code that adds the world's best free catch-up service to the American hub!

All in all rubbish service …what on earth is going on with the BBC? what's going on? @SueMeager @talktalk help! Other apps on smart to work ok Including Netflix, 5 and itv Getting the 02001 "something went wrong loading the programme" Message Jess Greaves Not working on Now TV box for Can get radio programmes and also TV on ITV player.

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Was the same yesterday Chris My BBC I player not working today on Samsung smart tv. Unfortunately don't have that option on this TV (no Service option in Settings or a USB port.) Nigel Forgot to mention it was on a Samsung TV. Have now found Internet Radio UK. Thanks Rob Soothill Was having not working prob, Thanks PK works on SD.

It USED to work but, like others on this forum, it would buffer when it felt like it. BBC Iplayer not working since 1/30 gliese876 Posts: 3Members February 2015 in Plex Classic for Roku It worked flawless for the last year using the plex media server with my roku Works on my Surface pro 2 connected to the same network as my Samsung TV . Bbc Iplayer Roku Private Channel Kevin Vere Same problem on my Samsung Smart TV, four days now.

If I connect a secondary router to my ‘main’ router, does that literally just mean connecting the two devices with a LAN cable? Bbc Iplayer Roku Channel Code Quick frankly I think it is a server/software issue that they are not addressing and it is all the more inexcusable if older models from the same manufacturers are supposedly still http://www.mbeeds.org Paul Donald Same here. http://www.a516digital.com/2015/08/iplayer-fault-blights-roku-users.html Basilhttp://www.imao.us/Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 2 XD, Roku Stick (3600)Apple TV (4th gen), TiVo, ChromecastPrevious: Roku Stick (3500), Roku 1, Roku 2 XS, Roku LT(2400), Roku XDS, Roku XD (2050)Apple TV

VPN cannot be directly setup on Fire TV or Roku. Bbc Roku Private Channel All I get is the ‘Sound of Silence' RAdio Player message. Sorry if these are stupid questions, I’ve not done this before… Isso Jawad December 18, 2015 Reply Hi. Mark Can't get iplayer to work on my iPhone and it keeps telling me "info not available".

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When you take your Roku Stick to the US, all the apps currently on it will remain on it. in areas with bad or practically no FM -let alone Digital- reception - still a frustrating issue for many). Bbc Iplayer Roku Usa When the BBC iPlayer runs into problems it can be directly at their website, or the service could be not working on one of the platforms they stream through. Roku Bbc Iplayer Not Working I'm on latest firmware on TV….

hopefully on youtube soon without problems @plunder100 problems connecting iplayer 3.6 to chromecast remains, for some devices. - establish a link using iplayer radio, then start iplayer & try it @LabradorArchie hangs after attempting to invoke playback. Any ideas anyone?? Nice for those of us who pay. Bbc On Roku Usa

Help !! Channel 4 do a better job and I'm not paying them any bloody money! The full page is displayed with all the programmes showing but i cannot click on anything! It also has UHD capability, which Roku 3 doesn't have.

On BD-F6500 blu ray player. Roku Iplayer Radio Ralph Clark Iplayer has not been working on my Sharp Aquos TV for over a week now. Isso Jawad January 5, 2016 Reply Hi Manuel.

Phil I'm having the same problem on Windows 8.1 here in Nigeria fubbc BBC iplayer I HATE YOU.

Graham Seems to be only down when I want to use the iPlayer, in London. Can anyone help resolve this please! Bill This is the third time iPlayer crashed for me today, it's works when streaming through youtube, so why problems? Orphan Black Roku I have not seen any helpful or effective suggestions as yet as to what changed and what's gonig to be done to restore normal iPlayer service.

Any one had the same problem? Also by having a UK Roku account, will this prevent me from watching US TV ? All working fine now for me. Ofcom announces revised technical code for DTT ITV/STV/UTV: Satellite manual tuning by frequency Viewers and Listeners in North East to expect TV and radio disruption Sky News announces "Baby Shard" studio

Tony The BBC iPlayer is down once again on October 10th. ninja_hepek As it turns out, this problem is directly related to DNS services we're using. Tell Samsung via Facebook to get to grips with the BBC to get resolution Elaine Mary McAllister Still not loading. Again.

Anyone else got this problem? dru has never worked on my xbox one i get something went wrong displaying the programmes etc error 01100 angela bbc iplayer no video or audio on lg g3 android phone Help! for some reason EastEnders, in HD, still streams fine) we get with the IPlayer : 02100 "Something went wrong loading this programme.

It's just iplayer that doesn't work. Steve Hayes January 25, 2016 Reply Am I right in thinking that when first setting up a roku (to watch uk programs in france) I Leep All working perfectly again with out doing anything so Samsung must of sorted it out at last Wendy Woo Stephan same with me, its been about a week now. I can get internet access on my pc etc. So even after trying to make an informed purchase, the information I based my purchase on, a tv that had iPlayer function, was and is wholly incorrect to begin with!

drops wi-fi, no iplayer and email doesn't work. Sam Ware same here too, just iplayer not playing on samsung tv "something went wrong loading…" Luiz Lima Same here. They suggested to uninstall, update, reinstall. Works perfectly and NO drop-outs!

Other apps like YouTube and Dailymotion still update and work perfectly so what do they keep getting right that the BBC with it's IPlayer gets wrong? Are there many others having this issue with BBC not playing many shows on Plex? Come on BBC!?