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Bbc Iplayer Not Working On Android 2.3

Unknown(SAD) Please Edit your Profile Galaxy Tab Model : 2 7.0 Galaxy Tab Number : GT-P3110 Android Version : Unknown(SAD) - See : Settings, About Device Back to top of the For more information about this and privacy, cookies and iPlayer more generally, visit the BBC iPlayer privacy FAQ page at http://iplayerhelp.external.bbc.co.uk/tv/app_privacy, or the BBC’s Privacy & Cookies site at http://www.bbc.co.uk/privacy/The app Your host is Eliza Kessler. Google Play allows download of rental movies across serveral android OS levels with high quality I often watch rental movies on the move, clearly this is a solution with DRM.As you have a peek here

At 12:59 19th Sep 2012, fathertedrules wrote: Thanks, BBC. At 13:00 19th Dec 2012, Eponymous Cowherd wrote: @60 DBOneIt is my view that DRM that does not work is pointless (The BBC's DRM is broken and easily circumvented).It is my Complain about this comment (Comment number 18) Comment number 19. But of course you will need to have a UK IP address to use this app.

Thereafter--with Adobe and Google's help--we'll improve playback on devices like the Sony Xperia Arc. At 17:50 19th Dec 2012, DBOne wrote: @63 DRM is not a failed concept - ask Netflix. Furthermore, as suggested, it is still possible, through the settings, to switch between low, medium and high [email protected] @Alan Roberston @Danny @djeley @Eponymous CowherdAs I mentioned in the blog post, we At 15:05 19th Sep 2012, Eponymous Cowherd wrote: @29 Chris YandaI open the iPlayer website in the device browser (tried both the built-in browser and Google Chrome) Select a programme and

Other people have reported similar problems using the iPlayer app on other 10" tablets including those with earlier versions of Android.Is this problem recognized by the development team and is it Complain about this comment (Comment number 29) Comment number 30. Not just one team, but 5 teams or however many it takes. At 11:46 19th Sep 2012, Andy wrote: That is good news indeed.

Whilst I applaud that the BBC are taking Android seriously, I can't help but dislike your approach. Both will work, though you will get a significantly better experience and performance using HTML52. And when it sees from your network details that your Internet provider is located outside of the UK, you will be denied access to the UK only downloadable apps, such as http://iplayerhelp.external.bbc.co.uk/tv/tablet_devices_iplayer If there's money for Citizen Khan then surely there's money for more developers..?

Graham Sullivan OK Any issues with your Chromecast, switch your Wi-Fi off for a moment User reviews A Google User 12 November 2016 dbark Is this part of what i pay At 13:49 20th Sep 2012, Alex wrote: I know the BBC's treatment of Android has not been brilliant to this point (especially compared to iOS). BBC is worth every penny, but the Soviet approach to watching its stuff online needs to end. At 11:44 19th Sep 2012, Peter Gasston wrote: Installed it.

Download Now!1363 Downloads Scottish STV Player v3.4.6 apk Android app updated 01-11-2016Catch up or Watch live Scottish TV on your Android devices with this STV player apk app. No technology is perfect. Somebody in yer senior management team have shares in Adobe? The problems BBC are having are to do with their obsession with DRM implementation and not technical issues with android performance.

Complain about this comment (Comment number 53) Comment number 54. http://giltronix.com/bbc-iplayer/bbc-iplayer-not-working-on-android-4-1.html We know that the BBC provides iPlayer content that can be downloaded and played on Android devices (as proved by that desktop app we are not allowed to mention lest we If I search for the app seperately in the store rather than going through the button, it doesn't show up at all, neither does iplayer. At 11:44 20th Sep 2012, Chris wrote: It's disappointing this update couldn't including the download functionality.

Good to know it is being actively worked on. Get over it. Run Android 3.x or higher? Check This Out Read about our approach to external linking.

Pre-ordered Netflix Netflix, Inc. Pre-ordered BBC CBeebies Playtime Media Applications Technologies for the BBC Enjoy great, free games for kids, on the go with the CBeebies Playtime App! non-flash debate ideological, it’s the entire reason the BBC’s Android support is substandard and lacks a lot of features.What this blog admits in a very round about way is that the

just a black screen when trying to play any content.

To use this Mediahhh UK TV app for Android you will need to have a UK IP address. Download Now!120042 Downloads BBC News Player 2.5.2 ApkRead, listen and watch the latest news stories from around the world on your Android devices by using the  BBC News Player. At 13:44 19th Sep 2012, Chris Yanda wrote: Thanks for the comments. David Hi, apologies for the delayed response, I still can not use the BBC Apps to watch the Iplayer, but I can now view the site via Dolphin browser.

It's a bit of a pain, but seems so far a reasonably good fix for the time being. Who is responsible? At 11:02 19th Sep 2012, Chris wrote: Will the update next week include the offline support recently introduced for ios? this contact form Crashes fairly often though Full Review Muniba Rafiq 11 November 2016 Issues with chromcast now, why?

I was able to view this last week.